Astilleros Guadalquivir | THE COMPANY
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Who are we

Let us kindly introduce you to the Pulchra Mare group’s latest exciting challenge. At the end of February 2017, the PULCHRA MARE GROUP acquired the shipyard concession for SEVILLA, which includes the dry dock, the quay, the buildings and corresponding facilities.


PULCHRA MARE is a Slovenian based company with international backing and its regional operational office based in ALGECIRAS Spain. The scope of its maritime services include agency, crewing, ship management, repairs & assistance afloat and General Ship Supplies. Given the growing market and geographical potential due to the proximity of the Straits of GIBRALTAR, the group searched for a candidate platform to initially develop ship repairs and then in the long term the potential for new building. The shipyard of SEVILLA was deemed to be that suitable candidate, undergoing a major upgrade to the site since our acquisition. The reasons for this choice were the availability of a dry dock of this size (for vessels up to 144 x 23,5 m), the local infrastructure of the port of SEVILLA and the fact that the area is to become a free trading zone in the very near future.


In our view, there is a very bright future for the shipyard; one we want to share for the long term to build a lasting and confident relationship with our Customers, close neighbouring companies and public authorities together with our suppliers and subcontractors.